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Neal introduces his experience at a symposium on the united front work of private enterprises across the province

On the afternoon of December 24, the united front work symposium for private enterprises across the province was held in Yangzhou. Zhang Xiang, deputy general manager and united front committee member of Neil Company, attended the meeting and introduced Neil’s United Front work experience and practices.

As a new demonstration point of united front work for members of the new social class in Yangzhou, the company combined its own characteristics, taking the "concentric" project as the main line, and innovatively proposed the "124" work model, that is, establishing a grassroots united front work leading group to establish "double training and two integration." To build four platforms covering "Tongxin Academy", "Tongxin Tea Bar", "Tongxin Bookstore" and "Tongxin Fund", and strive to improve the ideological quality and ability of the united front members in the enterprise, and form an institutionalization and standardization for doing a good job. Enterprise united front work provides a good starting point. In recent years, industry professionals have been invited to teach more than 380 lectures in the "Tongxin Academy", with more than 11,500 participants; the "Tongxin Tea Bar" has been used to conduct collective and individual talks over 630 times, with more than 3,200 exchanges; "Tongxin Bookstore" purchases more than 200 new books every year, and there are about 15 readers every day; the Tongxin Fund is more than 2 million yuan. Over the years, the turnover rate of Neil’s employees has been below 1%, which has formed a good atmosphere for the employees to be united, happy, and motivated, and are willing to develop with the company.

During this year’s epidemic, the company’s party branch actively carried out the activity of “Love the Enterprise, Offer Good Strategies, and Make Contributions” centering on the central task of corporate development, and received more than 20 suggestions, saving the company more than 400,000 yuan in operating costs and realizing the corporate economy. Both development and social benefits have been harvested. In recent years, the company has successively won the "All-China Federation of Trade Unions Worker Pioneer", "All-China Federation of Trade Unions Model Workers", "Jiangsu Province Private Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Unit", "Jiangsu Province May 1st Labor Award", "Jiangsu Province Party Member Cadre Modern Remote" "Education Demonstration Site", "Civilized Unit of Jiangsu Province", "Yangzhou City's Best Employer Enterprise", "Yangzhou City's New Social Stratum United Front Work Demonstration Site" and other honorary titles. Chairman Zhang Aichen has won the province, city, and county outstanding society with Chinese characteristics. The title of the builder of the socialist cause.

Finally, Li Guohua, executive vice minister of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee, fully affirmed that Neal's united front work is at the forefront of the province. It also requires the party organizations of private enterprises in the province to establish systematic thinking, continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of the united front work of the party organizations in private enterprises, and create a large number of innovative test sites and demonstration sites for the united front work of the party organizations in private enterprises throughout the province. Work mode and experience.


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