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The company is listed in the national manufacturing single champion reserve company

On June 20, 2017, the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Committee organized an expert group to conduct on-the-spot investigations on the declaration of individual champions of our company. The members of the research team were: Lu Tongqi, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Provincial Economic and Information Committee, and Director of the Science and Technology Innovation Department of the Provincial Economic and Information Committee. Zhou Jianzhong, Dean of the Provincial Mechanical Design and Research Institute, Lu Hui. Accompanied by the investigation, Guo Wanshan, deputy director of the Municipal Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau, Chen Jinlong, director of the Science and Technology Innovation Department of the Municipal Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau, and relevant leaders of the County Economic and Information Committee.

The expert group went to the workshop to understand the production management level and project construction of the company, and held a symposium to hear the report of Zhang Aichen, the chairman of the company, on the status of the industry, the scientific and technological content, the production process and the equipment level.

Our company's product sales account for more than 60% of the domestic market. It is currently the largest professional manufacturer of MC nylon elevator drive wheels in China. Has won the "National High-tech Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Private Technology Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Famous Trademark", "" "China Famous Brand", "" "Jiangsu Province Famous Brand Products", "Jiangsu Province Special Engineering Plastics Engineering" The title of “Technology Research Center” and “AAA Credit Enterprise” has become one of the major suppliers and developers in the elevator industry. The company invests special funds every year for new product research and development. It has established a school-enterprise relationship with many universities such as Sichuan University and East China University of Science and Technology. It has long been committed to the research and development of MC nylon materials. It has applied for 48 patents and authorized patents. The project was awarded 6 high-tech products by Jiangsu Province.

After conducting the survey, the expert group pointed out that the selection activity was not a simple evaluation award, but was based on the implementation of the “Made in China 2025” national strategy. The activity was to actively guide manufacturing companies to focus on subdividing product areas. Intensive cultivation, training a group of Chinese manufacturing enterprises with high market share, advanced technology and international competitiveness, and cast a strong dream of manufacturing.

In the end, Lu Tongqi made a concluding remark. He gave high praise to Neil's technical equipment development and application, regardless of its product technology advancement, market share, and the company's innovation ability. It is in line with the requirements and original intention of this selection. He hopes that Neil can continue to grow bigger and stronger. At present, Neil has been included in the national-level manufacturing single champion reserve enterprise. In the next step, the provincial, municipal and district economic and trust committees will track, nurture and support enterprises, and provide services for enterprise project declaration.


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