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What are the manufacturing steps of nylon wheels?

In order to make the nylon wheel more flexible, a certain suitable interval should be maintained between the stitches on the wheel and the wheel edge. Most of the nylon wheels made of non-stitched fabric wheels are made of fine and soft cotton cloth, which is very suitable for polishing messy-shaped workpieces or for fine polishing on small workpieces.

Nylon wheels made by stitching are mostly made of coarse cloth, non-woven fabric, and fine plain cloth. The stitches used can be concentric, spiral, and direct radiation. The nylon wheel produced by this method is very suitable for various plating and polishing operations with relatively simple shapes.

The nylon wheel made of air-cooled cloth wheel adopts the 45-degree angle cutting method. It is in the shape of a ring-shaped wrinkle and has a metal disc in the center. It has the characteristics of ventilation and heat dissipation and is more suitable for polishing large workpieces. What should I do if the nylon wheel polishing machine breaks down during use?

First check the location of the fault. If the main engine can't rotate after starting, you can turn on the power, repair the worm gear box and then send it to the repair center for repair; if the motor can't start, you can turn on the power, press the thermal relay reset switch, or try to replace the contactor and the fuse. ; If the polishing tube is severely bent after polishing, you can readjust the center line and adjust the pressure of the grinding head wheel; if the polishing tube is not bright enough after polishing, you can replace the nylon wheel, wax or adjust the grinding head wheel; if the grinding head seat vibrates during polishing, Then you can grind or replace the nylon wheel.


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