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What are the main categories of nylon wheel products?

Nylon wheels are mainly divided into two categories, stacking wheels and take-up wheels. The laminating wheel is made of industrial scouring pad (Nylon Prebond) by a roller glue coating method (the glue contains binder and abrasives, etc.) and stacked one by one, then baked and cured in an oven, and then punched out. . After the take-up wheel is coated by the same method, it is wound into a rod on a special tube core, and baked and cured.

Nylon wheel products are supported by the three-dimensional network of nylon Web, and have the characteristics of elastic grinding, cold cutting, and anti-blocking in the grinding workpiece. It is more delicate, soft and brighter than the abrasive belt lines of the same grain size. It has stronger cutting force than cloth wheel and hemp wheel, and the line pattern is clearer. Therefore, nylon wheels are often used in the back-end sanding treatment of the grinding wheel belt and the front-end treatment of electroplating and mirror polishing.

Therefore, the nylon wheel is also an important abrasive tool for surface conditioning, and the processed lines have good ornamental properties, and are widely used in the post-processing of household hardware products.

Nylon pulleys are light in weight and easy to install at high altitude. Nylon pulleys have been widely used in various lifting equipment as parts of tower cranes, gradually replacing old metal pulleys with their unique advantages. Nylon pulleys can be used as a kind of equipment for the purpose of replacing steel with plastic.

Advantages of using nylon pulley:

1. Light weight, easy to install at high altitude.

2. Good wear resistance and long service life.

3. Protect the wire rope and prolong the service life of the wire rope. (Compared with steel pulley, it can prolong the service life of wire rope by 8 times)

4. No friction sparks are generated, and the safety performance is strong.

5. It can meet the requirements of long-term outdoor operation.

6. Self-lubricating, long service life at low temperature.


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