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Bao Yingji college graduates come to Neil to study


In order to promote the development, transformation and development of our county, and continuously promote the employment and entrepreneurship of the county's talents returning to the countryside, the County People's Social Security Bureau actively plays the role of the public employment talent service organization, and timely understands the talent demand situation of the high-tech enterprises in the jurisdiction, in order to "hand in hand the campus base, On the afternoon of February 7th, more than 60 people from college students who came to Baobao came to Neil to visit and study.

 Under the leadership of the staff of the County People's Social Security Bureau, the students walked into the company's happy exhibition hall, processing and assembly production line, and experienced the application of high-tech in various fields at zero distance, and truly understood the technical principles behind robots and drones. Subsequently, he listened to the company's responsible person to detail the company's development history, major products and talent needs, and help students to further understand the company culture, production process and company technology advantages. The students' enthusiasm for visiting was high, and according to their actual needs, they actively raised questions about product technology, future trends, and employment. After the visit, the students said that the visits benefited a lot, not only opened up their horizons, but also improved their professional understanding, and initially laid their own employment intentions.

This activity is a powerful continuation of the requirements for the “retaining a batch” of talents returning to their hometowns for employment and entrepreneurship. Through this activity, students and enterprises have further promoted mutual understanding and strengthened the willingness of students to work in local enterprises after graduation. Guide local talent resources to stay in Baoying and serve Baoying's economic development.


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