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Put the party class up to the party members heart--the company party member party class accepts re-education

In order to implement the main responsibility of the company's party branch, improve the party spirit of the company's party members and staff, and further implement the "two studies and one do" normalization and institutionalization requirements, on June 1, the company's party branch invited the company's full-time party construction instructor to teach a title The party class of "not forgetting the beginning of the heart and going forward", all party members and party activists of the company listened carefully to the party class.

The party class elaborated in detail that the party members of the company must be firm in politics and strive to be the "leaders" of learning employees. We must talk about politics, take care of the overall situation, firmly establish ideals and convictions; strive to pursue practical results; and strictly perform party members' obligations. It is necessary to talk about learning, to strengthen the skills, to learn theoretical knowledge, to enrich its own connotation, to learn business skills, to improve work efficiency, to learn management science, to promote work development, to create a harmonious atmosphere, to apply what they have learned, to promote learning and learning. Use the constructive.

Party members are required to strive to be the "leaders" of innovative employees. We must innovate in our thinking, abandon the habit of ignoring the world, and change our habits of ignoring our qualifications. We should change our habit of "only paying attention to burying heads and not looking up the road", meeting good things, advancing with the times, being good at solving new problems with new thinking; Innovate, firmly establish the service concept, make the work difficult, the party members come to help, the work has problems, the party members think of ways, work has ideas, party members have actions; to be innovative in business, do not regard proficient business as the end of personal ability, It should be used as a starting point for innovation.

At the end of the party class, Zhang Aichen, secretary of the party branch of the company, pointed out that party members have high requirements for their ability and quality, and they are striving to be technically skilled workers. In the face of difficulties, there are party members, technical personnel, party members, and key positions. Party members are displayed and displayed. The image of party members, showing their work performance, and striving to be pioneers of innovation. Actively organize and carry out thematic activities such as small inventions, small creations, small innovations, and small suggestions, and guide all employees to become "technical experts." It is necessary to pay attention to the cultivation of employees' ability and quality, and to carry out employee job skills training as an important way to strengthen enterprises. In combination with the actual development of production and operation of the enterprise, the training program will be carried out in a targeted manner.

Zhang Aichen proposed that the party members of the company should enhance the attractiveness around the development of the company, find the combination of the party building work and the company's production and operation, and play the role of the company's development think tank and booster. It is necessary to carry out activities such as heart-to-heart talks in the party building work, create a good working and living environment for employees, and enhance employees' sense of belonging and identity to the company. We must pay attention to work attitude, work style, work efficiency, work performance, and strive to make extraordinary achievements in ordinary jobs.


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