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Party branch of the company and the party branch of the State Administration of Taxation to carry out party building exchanges

On the morning of June 21, the county branch of the State Administration of Taxation and the Neil Party Branch carried out party building exchange activities. The theme of the event was "a discussion on emancipating the mind." Wei Zheng, secretary of the Party Committee of the State Administration of Taxation, Wang Zhengtao, deputy secretary, Zhang Aichen, secretary of the Neil Party branch, and Ge Renqiang, deputy secretary, participated in the exchange.

During the exchange activities, the two sides introduced the development of party building. In particular, it is a series of activities around the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress. Secretary Wei Zheng asked the relevant departments of the County State Taxation Bureau to solve the difficulties encountered in the party building work and taxation policies of the co-constructed enterprises. The relevant comrade system publicized the relevant content of the standardization construction of grassroots party organizations and the new taxation policy in the near future, and answered questions for party building and taxation.

Later, the company presented the books such as "Ludang Bonfire", "Xi Jinping's Seven Years of Educated Youth" and "New Era Face to Face". The two sides agreed to conduct regular exchanges, learn from each other and improve together.


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