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What are the precautions for the installation of directional nylon wheels?


Oriented nylon wheels are used more and more. Oriented nylon wheels have high tensile strength, flexural strength and compressive strength. Although the quality of the directional nylon wheels purchased is particularly good, it does not fully meet their actual needs. In fact, it is not difficult to select a directional nylon wheel. You can purchase a directional nylon wheel suitable for your own use by considering five factors in your own situation. The directional nylon wheel is applied to the transmission of the elevator or crane to ensure the safety and comfort of the elevator or crane operation.

For the installation of directional nylon wheels, please observe the following:

Please use with the same series of products;

When installing the fixed directional nylon wheel, please install it in a horizontal state;

 movable directional nylon wheel, please keep the rotating shaft installed in the vertical state;

 After confirming that the joint is fixed, select the appropriate size of the screw, nut, gasket, etc., insert the mounting hole, and tighten the directional nylon wheel until there is no gap to avoid loosening. Extremely tighten the hexagon when tightening the screws. Avoid excessive screwing in, causing the rotating shaft to expand and cause breakage.

When the directional nylon wheel with double brakes is installed, please avoid the screwing in the ON state, which will cause damage and deformation of the brakes and deterioration of performance.

The directional elevator nylon wheel rust is brownish red, with low density, large volume and easy to fall off. If not done in time, the entire industrial directional nylon wheel will usually be rusted and become a chip. Now that we know the cause of rusting of industrial oriented nylon wheels, what should we do to avoid such situations? We believe that oriented nylon wheels are used in dry places and preserved. The directional nylon wheel casts the metal bushing directly into the monolithic cast nylon structure, eliminating the risk of radial looseness and axial looseness between the oriented nylon wheel and the metal bushing, thereby reducing the safety hazard caused by the large temperature difference. . Attention to the orientation of the directional nylon wheel installation What is the universal wheel caster is the so-called movable nylon caster, its structure allows a horizontal rotation of 30 degrees. The directional nylon wheel means that the bracket mounted on the directional nylon wheel can rotate 180 degrees horizontally in dynamic or static load. Directional nylon wheel materials There are many kinds of materials for the production of universal wheels. The common materials are: nylon, polyurethane, rubber, cast iron and other materials.

From the conclusion of the experiment, one of the conditions for arbitrarily cutting off the rust can be used. However, when the paint is covered, the contact between the oriented MC nylon wheel and the air is cut off to avoid rusting of the product. The surface treatment of the nylon caster is an important measure to effectively prevent the rust of the nylon caster, and the main division is divided into galvanizing and electrophoresis. Method, these two methods are widely used, not only because of their unique anti-rust effect, but also have other advantages, specifically the following: galvanized surface treatment advantages, low processing costs, galvanizing and anti-rust costs In addition, the paint coating cost is low. The paint-coated ultra-low directional nylon wheel is difficult to rust because of the air and water and the qualities of the paint. And once you want to lower the rust of industrial nylon casters. The directional nylon wheel is protected by nitrogen during the entire casting process. It is not sure whether it will fall down or the contact of raw materials with air. This way, high-standard monomer-cast nylon material can be guaranteed.


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