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What consumer needs should be met by the iron core nylon wheel on the market?

The iron core traditional nylon wheel has high tensile strength, bending strength and compressive strength, good leveling property, strong feeling of paint film and good slippery feeling of paint film. The bonding force and the penetration force are good, the coating is non-porous, and the wet film and the dry film have strong bonding force. It is resistant to discoloration and anti-corrosion. When the baking temperature reaches 180°C-190°C, the workpiece does not change color. This kind of nylon caster has long-lasting color and corrosion resistance. The electrophoresis uniformity is good, the paint film is even and flat, and it can pass 10-25um in 30-150V, high efficiency and low power consumption. The iron core nylon wheel is applied to the transmission mechanism of the elevator or the crane to ensure the safety and comfort of the elevator or crane operation.

For the installation of the iron core elevator nylon wheel, please observe the following items:

Please use with the same series of products;

Install the fixed iron core nylon wheel in a horizontal state;

Move the iron core nylon wheel, please keep the rotating shaft installed in the vertical state;

After confirming that the joint is fixed, select the screws, nuts, gaskets, etc. of the appropriate size, insert the mounting holes, and tighten the core nylon wheel until there is no gap to avoid loosening. When the screw is screwed into the installation, tighten the hexagon with proper torque. Avoid excessive screwing in, causing the rotating shaft to expand and cause breakage.

When the iron core nylon wheel with double brakes is installed, please avoid the screwing installation in the ON state, because the brake will be damaged and the performance will deteriorate.

The core nylon wheel diameter of 75 mm is as follows 2 km/h, and 100 mm is as follows as follows: 4 km/h. According to the conditions of use, the wheel diameter of the iron core nylon wheel is determined according to the specific equipment for installing the iron core nylon wheel, the material, the mounting method (similar to the plate type, the screw type, etc.) and the use of the iron core nylon wheel. Type (such as flexible rotation type, fixed type, stop type, etc.). The iron core nylon wheel casts the metal bushing directly into the monolithic cast nylon structure, eliminating the risk of radial looseness and axial looseness between the iron core nylon wheel and the metal bushing, thereby reducing the temperature difference caused by the ring. Security risks. The speed of the iron core nylon wheel should not be as fast as possible. It should be safe first, consistent with the walking speed, and the appropriate acceleration speed if necessary.

Nylon caster bracket pickling process pickling nylon caster bracket ready to use the iron oxide skin on the hot rolled nylon caster bracket to get a beautiful smooth surface, so that the defects on the surface of the nylon caster bracket are clear, so that welding, oiling and painting .

Compared with hot-rolled sheets, the advantages of pickled nylon caster brackets are mainly: good surface quality, ultra-thin MC nylon wheels remove the surface iron oxide scale from the hot-rolled pickled nylon caster brackets, and increase the surface quality of the steel for welding. Oiled and lacquered. The dimensional accuracy is high, and after flattening, the plate shape can be changed, so that the ring ratio reduces the deviation of the unevenness. The iron core nylon wheel is protected by nitrogen during the entire casting process. It should be able to reduce or eliminate the contact of raw materials with air. This way, high-standard monomer-cast nylon material can be guaranteed.


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