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What are the precautions for the use and maintenance of the nylon casting wheel?


The cast steel nylon wheel can be scraped at the same time as the friction is generally increased, prolonging its service life, increasing the efficiency, spraying or projecting rust removal (also known as sandblasting and rust removal). The key is to use oil-free compressed air (or high pressure water). Chemical descaling (also known as pickling and rust removal). It is mainly used to brush (spray) with an inorganic dilute acid solution, soaking a surface with a rusted metal surface and achieving the purpose of derusting. The rust remover removes rust. The key is to remove or remove the rust on the metal surface by chemical reaction by brushing or soaking it on a rusted metal surface with a weakly acidic chemical liquid (ie, a rust remover).

The device should not be overweight. It is not advisable to overload the trolley or equipment that installs the universal wheel. Try not to operate at high speed. Those operations can cause strong shocks and vibrations, resulting in caster cast steel nylon wheels, wheels and equipment that do not work properly. How to correctly use the cast steel elevator nylon wheel to extend the cast steel nylon wheel life cast steel nylon wheel is widely used, and many manufacturers use this material for communication. The rubber ring of the cast steel nylon wheel is fixed with a friction layer, and the friction layer is an asbestos layer. The elevator transmission wheel can reduce the friction while increasing the friction, prolong the service life and improve the efficiency.

Inspection, maintenance and exchange of cast steel nylon wheels:

In order to prevent seriousness and after continuous use, cast steel nylon wheels should be regularly inspected and maintained.

Please check whether the installation of the cast steel nylon wheel and the axle are loose, and whether the cast steel nylon wheel is damaged, cracked or deformed. Check if the rotating shaft of the wheel is tightened. If the joint of the wheel parts is loose, please replace it immediately.

When the cast steel nylon wheel is aging, damaged or used, please replace it immediately. (Avoid partial replacement of cast steel nylon wheels)

If the rotating part and the wheel part of the cast steel nylon wheel bottom plate are caught in foreign matter, please remove it immediately, otherwise it will cause poor rotation.

The cast steel traditional nylon wheel is equipped with a lubrication device, which can reduce the friction when the rotor rotates, and prolong the service life of the cast steel nylon wheel. The supermarket cast steel nylon wheel: adapts to the movement needs of the supermarket shelf and the light and flexible characteristics of the shopping cart. Cast steel nylon wheel. Furniture cast steel nylon wheel: furniture cast steel nylon wheel is mainly used to meet the needs of furniture with low center of gravity and high load bearing. The extensive use of cast steel nylon wheels not only promotes social progress, but also has a particularly large impact on the development of our lives.


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